Lacomet FL lead flashing alternative

Lacomet FL (FL for flexible) is an aluminium based flashing material that is ideal to be used for new-build, renovation, for conservatories or around solar panels, etc. It is especially useful to combat the theft of traditional lead as it has no resale or scrap value

Used in combination with the Lacomet Polymer Adhesive it provides a complete system solution for the vast majority of lead flashing applications.

  1. Composite Aluminium construction
  2. Twice the tensile strength of Code 4 lead
  3. Out-performs Code 4 in its resistance to fatigue
  4. Very light weight
  5. 50 year minimum life expectancy
  6. 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  7. Corrosion resistant
  8. UV resistant
  9. Does not leach, therefore safe for use with coated glass, etc
  10. Easy to bend and fold, however it does not stretch like lead

Due to the thin metal layers and its three layer construction, it is of no value to thieves, it can be recycled but would need to be delaminated first and the amount of recovered aluminum is low – it would be easier and more profitable to collect empty beer cans!

Lacomet has been successfully installed on a number of Churches, listed buildings, houses and commercial buildings to replace stolen lead. It has also been specified on may new-build projects, including a high profile Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 (Zero Carbon) social housing scheme.

Lacomet is produced using two layers of band coated (similar to powder coating) aluminium with a fibre mesh reinforcement layer in-between to provide strength.

Lacomet is available in 6 and 10 metre rolls and widths of 150, 250, 330, 400, 500, 600 and 1000mm.

The lifespan of Lacomet is a minimum of 50 years. It comes with a manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee. Test data available below.

Due to its light-weight, Lacomet does not have the same health and safety concerns as lead flashing, it is also non-toxic.

Lacomet is applied in the same way as lead flashing, it is easily bent, folded and cut but it does not stretch or sag like lead.

It out performs lead for resistance to fatigue in tests and has almost twice the tensile strength of Code 4 lead.

A free sample is available on request, please use the contact page to get in touch.

The sample will demonstrate the colour, feel and workability of the material. It is also useful to be able to show a sample to the architect, building control, police liaison officer and roofing contractor.


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Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value?


Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value? Many of the projects that we get involved in starts with a phone call or email to us from someone researching replacing stolen leadwork. Many of these are old buildings, such as schools or churches, where this isn’t the first time that the lead has been stolen and they call us fed up with having to replace it again full in the knowledge that they will more than likely go through the same problem once more in the near future if they continue to use lead. One of the big benefits that Lacomet FL brings to a project is the fact that it has no scrap value and therefore the chances of it being stolen are massively reduced. Due to the 2 thin aluminium layers, and its five layer total construction, it is of no value to thieves. Lacomet can be recycled but the polyester based coating would need to be de-laminated first and the amount of recovered aluminum is then very low, in fact it would be easier and more profitable to collect empty drinks cans than to mess about stripping Lacomet down. We can also supply stickers that can be placed in strategic locations informing people that what is now on the roof is not lead and that it has no scrap value.

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Lacomet FL lead flashing alternative