Hody, composite steel decking for concrete floors

Hody profiled steel sheets have a modified trapezium shaped profile of 60 mm in height and intended for constructing, so-called, ‘low’ composite steel decking.

The finished concrete floor is between 110 mm – 290 mm high and Hody trapezium sheets can be used on free spans of up to 8 metres over the bearing construction.

Hody composite steel decking consists of a specially rolled trapezium-shaped steel sheet which functions as permanent shuttering for the relatively thin and lightweight concrete floor. This provides an extremely strong, stable and fire resistant structural floor construction which is very cost effective.

During the curing process of the concrete the trapezium sheets act as the shuttering that transfers the weight of the concrete and the assembly load to the bearing construction. When the concrete is fully cured the Hody sheets, often with supplementary reinforcement, create a well engineered structural floor solution. The sheets can be provided with interior (KID) polyester or PVDF coatings in RAL colours on the underside.

CDI Hody Leaflet

Hody 60 UK Design leaflet CDI

HODY Assembly Manual

The sheets profile has a modified geometry which allows for an optimal pouring load and makes sure the combination of the sheets and the concrete allows for the highest possible load bearing capability of the floor.

The sheets have been successfully installed on new build structures, renovations, ground floor and upper levels, mezzanine floors, walkways, cantilevers as well as heavy civil projects such as bridges.

Popular uses:

  • Conversions and renovation of existing properties
  • Mezzanine floors
  • IFD Projects
  • Bridges
  • Modulair building
  • Sustainable constructions
  • Ground floors and structural floors
  • Raised floors
  • Overhanging floors
  • Permanent shuttering
  • Industrial, Flexible and Demountable (IFD) Building projects

A detailed technical manual is available providing extensive instructions for the installation of the system and the fixing of accessories such as the profiled infill sections in PE or rockwool, galvanised steel edges and/ or end profiles, mesh requirements for increased fire resistance, upper reinforcement and concrete thickness etc.

The Hody composite floors are extensively tested by TNO-Building and Construction Research in Delft, Netherlands. Further calculations, design principles and tables have been extended by the Dutch Ingenieursburo Bartels b.v. and everything was based on Eurocode 4.

If required we can make the calculations and draw up the plans which are needed to approved by the competent authorities before work starts on site.

Should you have any further queries please contact our technical team.

Specification clauses of the Hody composite floor system are available in NBS Plus.

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Hody, composite steel decking for concrete floors