Lewis Deck to Bellwood Park, Perth

We were asked to initially advise on potential solutions for creating an underfloor heating system to the upper floor of the property at Bellwood Park. As it was in a remote location and off the grid for mains gas the house was to be heated by a heat pump and so efficiency was a major consideration on the project.

Lewis Deck, working with Gyvlons anhydrite screeds, is able to work more efficiently than most other upper floor systems on the market as the thin screed and steel deck work in conjunction with each other to emit more heat from the floor and faster. Because of this the heat pump was able to heat the floor using less energy than with other systems and so was ideal for this project.

Timber Framed House in Scotland with Underfloor heating upstairs using the Lewis Deck system
Timber Framed House in Scotland with Underfloor heating upstairs using the Lewis Deck system

The Lewis Deck was laid in less than two days, the underfloor heating pipes were put down in 2 days just ahead of the screed pour – using a clip rail system and Lewis pipe clips. The screed was poured in one day and ready to walk on within 48 hours. So the whole system was installed and ready for the next stage of works in less than 7 days.


Lewis Deck and UF heating pipes within a timber frame self build house

Lewis Deck Specification:

  • 52mm total depth Gyvlon liquid with a 20mm minimum screed cover to the heating pipes
  • 16mm Lewis Deck (laid floating)
  • 6mm Lewis acoustic tape
  • Mineral wool acoustic flanking strip between the Lewis Deck and the perimeter of all walls (for expansion and acoustic separation)

For more information on the project and Lewis Deck specification/performance please contact CDI Innovative Building Materials:

01388 728833

Anhydritec Ltd (Gyvlon Screeds), Warrington: Tel 01925 428780 www.anhydritec.com
Muir Walker & Pride Architects, Perth: Tel 01738 440080 www.mwparchitects.co.uk


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    What are the Lewis Deck sheet sizes?


    Q: What sheet sizes are held in stock for delivery within a few days after order? A: We stock 2500mm and 1300mm sheets.  These are all 630mm wide and 16mm deep.  Deliveries are made via the pallet network directly to site.  The smaller sheets are aimed at small bathroom renovation projects and can be supplied in small numbers via TNT. 2.5* and 1.3m sheets allow for the 100mm overlap to occur over a joist, with joist centres being either 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm*, 1200mm and 2400mm*. (*2.5m sheet only) For larger projects we are able to produce bespoke sheet sizes if required, please get in contact to discuss other options for sheet sizes.


    Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value?


    Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value? Many of the projects that we get involved in starts with a phone call or email to us from someone researching replacing stolen leadwork. Many of these are old buildings, such as schools or churches, where this isn’t the first time that the lead has been stolen and they call us fed up with having to replace it again full in the knowledge that they will more than likely go through the same problem once more in the near future if they continue to use lead. One of the big benefits that Lacomet FL brings to a project is the fact that it has no scrap value and therefore the chances of it being stolen are massively reduced. Due to the 2 thin aluminium layers, and its five layer total construction, it is of no value to thieves. Lacomet can be recycled but the polyester based coating would need to be de-laminated first and the amount of recovered aluminum is then very low, in fact it would be easier and more profitable to collect empty drinks cans than to mess about stripping Lacomet down. We can also supply stickers that can be placed in strategic locations informing people that what is now on the roof is not lead and that it has no scrap value.

  • Q

    Why don't my Lewis sheets interlock like they do in the video?


    Q: Why don't my sheets interlock like they do in the video? A: The sheets have two sides (one printed, one plain), the dovetails on either side are different widths, it is then necessary to alternate the sheets print up and then print down.


    Is this a question?


    If it is, this is an answer.

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