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Lewis Deck to New ICF Property

One of the best situations we find ourselves in at CDI is meeting people at a trade show and, after getting the initial “I’ve never seen this product before” comment, having the discussion about Lewis Deck that gets them over a major problem that they were having with their project.

That was the case at Ecobuild last year, when the last conversation of the whole exhibition, just as we were about to start taking the stand down, began with that phrase we get said to us so often. The gentleman in question stopped at our stand just as he was about to walk out of the exhibition when he saw our Lewis Deck model with underfloor heating pipes. The subsequent 10 minute conversation with us went through the whole system and at the end of the conversation we heard another one of the comments we get at the end of conversations, “this has just made coming here worthwhile! I’ve been looking for a way to get underfloor heating upstairs but I didn’t want to use a timber inlay system”.

Within a week we had a further conversation on the phone and had received a copy of the 1st floor layout and joist design drawing. From this we had a quotation sent out the following day along with supporting information that was requested.

Things went quiet for 6 months as the design was finalised and then in November 2017 we had received the order and the Deck and resilient strips were delivered in the last week of the month. The deck was installed without an issue and it took just over a day to lay, including some awkward cuts around a curved stairwell.



At the beginning of 2018 we decided to add a clip rail system to our range of ancillary items that we stock. Fortunately for us, and for this project, the timings were great. We arranged delivery and had them on site for the beginning of February. As this was our first project using these rails we were keen on getting comments back on their performance. These were:

“General feeling was they went down very well and although it takes a bit more time to prepare, it does lay quicker than just using p-clips. Having said this the p-clips are a must for the turn rounds and go in easily with the tech screws. The clip rail also screwed down simply and quickly using the self drill screws and, if some pre thought is applied as it goes down, some of the screws help to double up on screwing down the Lewis deck joins”.




"The Lewis Deck system worked perfectly on the ICF build system that we used. The New Lewis clip rail system worked perfectly too meaning the under floor heating installation was fitted with ease".

Julian Murfitt

The building was constructed using ICF blocks that are to have a rendered finish. Internally the ground floor is a concrete slab and the upper floor has timber posi-joists with the Lewis Deck and resilient strips laid above. 16mm underfloor heating pipes are then clipped into our new clip rail system with a free flowing screed then poured on top, 50mm thick. This then gives 20mm cover to the heating pipes, maximising the efficiency of the whole system.

ICF Block






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    What are the Lewis Deck sheet sizes?


    Q: What sheet sizes are held in stock for delivery within a few days after order? A: We stock 2500mm and 1300mm sheets.  These are all 630mm wide and 16mm deep.  Deliveries are made via the pallet network directly to site.  The smaller sheets are aimed at small bathroom renovation projects and can be supplied in small numbers via TNT. 2.5* and 1.3m sheets allow for the 100mm overlap to occur over a joist, with joist centres being either 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm*, 1200mm and 2400mm*. (*2.5m sheet only) For larger projects we are able to produce bespoke sheet sizes if required, please get in contact to discuss other options for sheet sizes.

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    Why don't my Lewis sheets interlock like they do in the video?


    Q: Why don't my sheets interlock like they do in the video? A: The sheets have two sides (one printed, one plain), the dovetails on either side are different widths, it is then necessary to alternate the sheets print up and then print down.


    Is this a question?


    If it is, this is an answer.

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Lewis Deck to New ICF Property - CDI