LEWIS Dovetailed metal decking, as part of a joisted floor system, provides a first class solution where acoustics and fire protection are key concerns.

The Lewis system works very well with screeded underfloor heating and cooling systems, allowing them to work more efficiently than without the sheets in place.

LEWIS provides a number of solutions for renovations and conversions as well as with new build projects using all types of build including traditional, timber or steel frame as well as new methods of build such as ICF and modular off site construction and mezzanine floors.

Apart from standard domestic separating floors, LEWIS provides exceptional solutions for bespoke acoustic floors within live music venues, night clubs, restaurants, recording studios, recreational performance studios, specialist test labs, plant rooms and many other commercial applications.

Lewis Deck
Lewis Dovetailed sheets

Please take a look at our current LEWIS brochure for further information.

Lewis Deck Brochure

Please see the leaflet below providing the recommended method of installation. Detailed instructions are given on the laying, jointing and fixing of the sheets, types of screed and concrete. Additional technical advice is available on request.

LEWIS fixing and installation

  • High performance acoustic floors
  • Underfloor heating in suspended floors (only 52mm thick)
  • Works on any type of beam or joist
  • High loadbearing capacity
  • Low dead loads
  • Thin overall thicknesses (generally 50mm, but from 36mm to 75mm)
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Fire ratings up to 120 minutes
  • New build or renovation/ conversion
  • Suitable for liquid screeds and fine grade concrete
  • Suitable for use with ceramic or stone tiles
  • Great for wet rooms
  • Span joists (up to 2.5m centre to centre) or lay direct to existing floor
  • CAD drawings and BIM models available

The production facility is ISO9001 certificated and the Lewis system is fully tested and carries a number of certifications which can be found in our “Support” section of the website.

"Using Lewis Deck was a simple way of allowing us to have the solid upper floor we wanted to our new home"

Joe Travers

A LEWIS DECK composite floor consists of the LEWIS cold rolled steel sheet covered with a relatively thin layer of C20/25 fine grade aggregate concrete or CA25/ F4 free flowing, self levelling liquid screed.

During the curing period the LEWIS deck acts as shuttering, but once the concrete/ screed has cured, locking into the LEWIS deck, it forms an extremely strong, composite, structurally sound floor, i.e. it becomes reinforcement for the concrete/ screed. The use of fine grade aggregate concrete can also provide a monolithic finish to provide a “finished floor” option. The overall depth of a LEWIS composite floor can be relatively thin – 50 mm in most cases (without UFH pipework).





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What are the Lewis Deck sheet sizes?


Q: What sheet sizes are held in stock for delivery within a few days after order? A: We stock 2500mm and 1300mm sheets.  These are all 630mm wide and 16mm deep.  Deliveries are made via the pallet network directly to site.  The smaller sheets are aimed at small bathroom renovation projects and can be supplied in small numbers via TNT. 2.5* and 1.3m sheets allow for the 100mm overlap to occur over a joist, with joist centres being either 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm*, 1200mm and 2400mm*. (*2.5m sheet only) For larger projects we are able to produce bespoke sheet sizes if required, please get in contact to discuss other options for sheet sizes.


Why don't my Lewis sheets interlock like they do in the video?


Q: Why don't my sheets interlock like they do in the video? A: The sheets have two sides (one printed, one plain), the dovetails on either side are different widths, it is then necessary to alternate the sheets print up and then print down.

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