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Case Studies

What, when and why?

Recent projects that we have been involved in. Maybe one is similar to what you are working on? More case studies will be added from time to time.

FastSlab Renovation Project, Hampshire

This project in Hampshire was a pair of semi-detached houses that were getting the full refurb treatment. The ground floors were suspended timber floors that were old and damaged. It was decided that the best plan was to remove the old floors and replace them with a much better and stronger system that wasn’t going … Read More

Developer Built ICF New Builds

Over the last couple of years we have seen a number of small to medium developers shift from traditional ways of creating an upper floor to incorporating Lewis Deck as part of their offer to prospective clients and differentiating themselves from their competition. This developer, based in the South West, initially came to us in … Read More

Adding a Floor to an Existing Building

One of the great things about Lewis Deck is its versatility when it comes to the type of building it can be installed in. This one is no exception. Here we see Lewis Deck being used to add a floor on top of an existing building in London. Lewis Deck was chosen, on this particular … Read More

AVRO, Manchester. Listed Mill Building.

It’s not everyday you get a phone call from an architect asking for help on a grade 2 listed mill building, but that is what happened to us back in April 2017 when Stephenson Studios contacted us with a problem they were having with floor to ceiling heights on their Brownsfield Mill project in Manchester. … Read More

Timber Frame Self Build, St. Albans

It is always nice to get an invitation down to a project that we have supplied our Lewis Deck to and this timber frame self build is a great example. It’s especially nice when we get to visit people and contractors who are using Lewis Deck for the 1st time and this project was just … Read More

Sinclair Meadows, Zero Carbon, Social Housing

Zero Carbon Social Housing Apartments
A Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, Zero Carbon development of 12 apartments and 9 houses all for Social rent. This is an interesting project, one that I was involved with for over 5 years. Before we set up CDI, we did a number of things including introducing new construction systems to projects, Supply Chain … Read More

The Blue House with Durisol ICF Blocks

Front if the Blue House
One of the more interesting aspects of working with self-build projects is the varied and, at times, very different approaches that are taken when it comes to the design of a new property. This property is no exception. Built on a self-build development site at Graven Hill in Bicester, where every property is different, it … Read More

Traditionally Built House, Rugby

Rear of House
One of the questions we constantly get asked at trade shows and over the phone is “Can we use Lewis Deck on traditional build or does it have to be on a certain type of build method?” The answer is it doesn’t matter. The only design element that we look for is what is the … Read More

Lewis Deck to New ICF Property

One of the best situations we find ourselves in at CDI is meeting people at a trade show and, after getting the initial “I’ve never seen this product before” comment, having the discussion about Lewis Deck that gets them over a major problem that they were having with their project. That was the case at … Read More

Queen Street Apartments, Newcastle

The conversion of the 1st floor of the Grade II listed Princes Building in Newcastle’s Quay side area into 10 apartments was carried out by local main contractors T. Manners & Sons Ltd. The building, which was designed by William Parnel who was responsible for some of the best architecture in the City, was built … Read More

Kingswood Warren Mansion House conversion

Conversion of a mansion house to high quality apartments
The conversion of the Listed Mansion House on the Kingswood Manor estate in Surrey required very high performing acoustic floors for these very high quality apartments, the floors also needed to cope with the use of large format tiles, including marble without the danger of any deflection and cracking.  This was achieved using the Lewis … Read More

Insworke Mill Quay

Insworke Tidal Mill was originally built around the 1590’s and survived as a working Mill until just before the First World War. It then had a chequered life as various storage and manufacturing uses until it fell into total disrepair. It went under a major refurbishment and rebuild programme in 2011 to find a new … Read More

Lewis Deck to Everyman Cinema, Canary Wharf

The Everyman Cinema in Canary Wharf, London is one of a number of cinemas around the UK that has used Lewis Deck as the flooring system due to the amazing acoustic results that you get from it. When used in conjunction with a 50mm screed and Sylomer resilient acoustic strips with 100mm mineral wool insulation … Read More

Hody to Alexandra Dock

The scheme includes infilling one third of Alexandra Dock with 780,000 m3 of material and reclaiming 7.5 ha of the river to create a new 650m quay wall, which can accommodate three offshore wind installation vessels. Construction will also involve dredging a new berth pocket, completion of earthworks and surfacing, building internal access roads and … Read More

Lacomet to Reed Street

Sinclair meadows, Lewis Deck for very high performing acoustic floors and Lacomet FL for cedar roof flashings
South Shields recently became home to what may well be the most environmentally conscious street in Britain, Reed Street. The not-for-profit Four Housing Group has designed and built Sinclair Meadows, Reed Street – a carbon negative development that consists of 21 residences. Designed with the well-being of its residents in mind, the project prized the long-term benefits of green … Read More

Lacomet to The Riverside Clubhouse

Cedar Shingle roof with Lacomet FL non-lead flashing used for its corrosion resistance
This unique project which is constructed with solid spruce logs is the largest such construction of this method in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. The Russian log walling and glulam system had previously been assembled in Russia. Desertoak, the main contractor were on site for 23 weeks constructing the Frame. Desertoak … Read More

FastSlab GF System to Ingerthorpe Grange

FastSlab installation to the ground floor of this listed manor house, for a concrete feel over the basement and to include under floor heating
We were initially contacted by the main contractors engineer regarding the use of Lewis Deck to the ground floor of Ingerthorpe Grange. The building is a grade 2 listed property just outside of Ripon, North Yorkshire. The project was to completely renovate the internal areas of the house and bring it up to current standards. … Read More

Op-Deck to The Curly House

Initial project meetings first started in early 2008, the clients owned a small cottage on the site which had been extended several times during the 80’s and had permission to make further adaptations. The mixture of building standards meant that their home was extremely drafty and very energy inefficient. The site itself is particularly exposed. … Read More

FastSlab Foundation to Seadune

The land owners of Seadune contacted us as they were having planning using regarding the foundation design on their new house that they were looking to build. The site in question was very close to the coast and they were effectively building on the beach. As such the planners required the building to have foundations … Read More

Lewis Deck to The Old Post Office, Brockhall Village

Plot 1, The Old Post Office, Brockhall Village is a self build home for a director of a local construction company. We were contacted, in September 2016, by a very enthusiastic individual who had used Lewis Deck previously on a commercial project in the Bolton area of Lancashire. After seeing how easy it was to … Read More

Lewis Deck to Bellwood Park, Perth

We were asked to initially advise on potential solutions for creating an underfloor heating system to the upper floor of the property at Bellwood Park. As it was in a remote location and off the grid for mains gas the house was to be heated by a heat pump and so efficiency was a major … Read More


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Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value?


Lacomet – How come it has no scrap value? Many of the projects that we get involved in starts with a phone call or email to us from someone researching replacing stolen leadwork. Many of these are old buildings, such as schools or churches, where this isn’t the first time that the lead has been stolen and they call us fed up with having to replace it again full in the knowledge that they will more than likely go through the same problem once more in the near future if they continue to use lead. One of the big benefits that Lacomet FL brings to a project is the fact that it has no scrap value and therefore the chances of it being stolen are massively reduced. Due to the 2 thin aluminium layers, and its five layer total construction, it is of no value to thieves. Lacomet can be recycled but the polyester based coating would need to be de-laminated first and the amount of recovered aluminum is then very low, in fact it would be easier and more profitable to collect empty drinks cans than to mess about stripping Lacomet down. We can also supply stickers that can be placed in strategic locations informing people that what is now on the roof is not lead and that it has no scrap value.

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